Friday, December 3, 2010

Closing Out The Year

It's Amazing! Our 41st year is coming to a close and we have had quite an interesting year.
We have learned to not let others dictate our value, while being committed to making our days count!
As the accounting/tax preparation industry continues to grow, Wyatt & Associates is committed to growing with it. This is particularly why we have decided to increase our exposure through this Blog. Taxpayers do not wait till the last minute, get your documents in order for tax season now. Items for Individuals to keep in mind: W-2s, 1099s, Mortgage Interest Statements, Property Tax Statements, Childcare Documentation, College/University Receipts(Tuition, Books, Room & Board). Items for Small Businesses to keep in mind: Receipts, Receipts, Receipts, Bank Statements, List of your Depreciable Fixed Assets, Proof of Rental Income...This is a starting point...Hope this helps....

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