Monday, December 13, 2010

How Do You Budget?

I talk to people all the time about How To Manage Their Money? It's really hard for people to get Real with themselves about their Managing Money. Here is my Ideal Suggestion.
 This plan is based on your Gross Wages, Not Net Wages!
The 10-10-10-70 Plan.
Tithes(Charitable Donations/Contributions) - 10%,
Savings - 10%,
Investments - 10%,
 Operating Monies - 70%
Having a Budget is a Sacrifice, but it is necessary in these economic times more than ever. What about an Emergency Fund? Here is where an Automatic Deduction of $25 a month into your Savings account is very helpful. You should have an Emergency fund of $1000 Cash Readily Available to you at all times. However, if this isn't a reality for you start small, $25 per month, $25 every 2 weeks, $25 weekly, but put something away and see how fast your emergency fund will grow. Make your Lunch, Stop buying lunch everyday, you will find that you have saved about $100 per month maybe more just by cooking your meals. Reduce your Cable Bill to Basic, Reduce your Cell Phone Plan, and Fill your Gas Tank up Once a Week. If Credit Cards are an issue for you, pay your smaller Credit Card Balances off First and then Attack the larger Balances.

Hope this Helps!

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